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NADCAP Certified Chemical Conversion Plating

Our NADCAP-certified chemical conversion plating offers excellent corrosion protection on chassis components, equipment fixtures, and frames. Performed in our large chemical conversion tanks, our plating services are ideal for aluminum chassis parts. Our plating department has a complete etching and chemical line, which is certified to MIL-C-5541 Class A & C standards. Parts with dimensions up to 6′ x 4′ x 3′ can be plated by us.

We use spraying, dipping, or roll coating methods to apply chemical conversion coatings. Apart from corrosion protection, our Class A coatings also improve paint adhesion, hydration resistance, and adhesive bonding in components. Scrapes or bare spots produced through fabrication are completely covered through chemical conversion coatings. We measure and verify the thickness of the plating/coating using Positector thickness testers.

Equipment Used

Plating DepartmentComplete Etching and Chemical Line Certified to MIL-C-5541 CLASS A & C
Inspection DepartmentCertified Ring And Plug Gages (Threaded And Non-Threaded)
Height Gages To 24"
Verniers To 48"
Magna Gage
Micrometers 1" To 6"
Hole Gages
Micro Finish Comparators
Depth Micrometers To 3"
Plating Test Kit
Brown & Sharp Micro Height Programmable Digital Height Gage With Printout
Fowler V+ Series 33" Digital Height Gage
Chatillion Push & Pull Tester
Digital Optical Comparator
1 Positector 3000 Paint Thickness Tester
Browne & Sharp Coordinate Measuring Machine, With Renishaw 360 Degree Probe, Table Size Y=24", X=24", Z=12" Jo-Blocks Angle Plates
Surface Plates 3' x 4'
Brown & Sharp 30" Digital Height Gage Complete With S.P.C. Readout
*All Certified And Calibrated To Ansi/Ncsl Z540-1