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NADCAP Certified Welding and Spot Welding

We offer NADCAP certified welding of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel components in compliance with AWS D17-1 standards. Our spot welding techniques are AMS-W-6858 class B certified. Primarily used in producing large weldments and mechanical assemblies, our welding services also include resistance soldering, brazing, and silver soldering. We have a dedicated spot welding department with an inventory of 30 KVA to 150 KVA press-type spot welders.

Our 150 KVA Taylor Winfield spot welders are used to weld aluminum materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.032” thru 0.125”. We MIG-weld card guide assemblies, chassis, RFI assemblies, and several other products. Heat sinks, heat exchangers, bezels, and machined castings are welded through TIG welding processes. Typically, both our MIG and TIG welding capabilities range from 1/16″ to 1 ½” in thickness.

Durability in weldments is ensured by our Huppert pre-heating ovens, which imparts hardness into the welded materials. All welded joints and surfaces are thoroughly tested to eliminate cracks and other weld defects. We use non-destructive testing methods that utilize X-rays to inspect weld quality.

Equipment Used

Welding Department1- Huppert Pre-Heating Oven
1- Lincoln 250 Amp. DC Gas Welding, Brazing, Silver Soldering, Etc.
1- Linde Mig Welding Set-Up For Alum. Steel and Stainless
1- Miller Heliarc 330 Amp. AC-DC
1- Miller Heliarc 400 Amp. AC-DC
1- Miller-Syncrowave 250DX Heliarc Welder
1- Resistance Solder
Spot Welding Department1- 150 KVA Sciaky – Certified To Mil-W-6858 (.020 Thru 1/8 Thk Alum. Class B)
1- 150 KVA Taylor Winfield - Certified To Mil-W-6858 (.032 Thru 1/8 Alum. Class B)
1- Ames Press Type 30 KVA
1- Rex Press Type 50 KVA